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Switch has become a part of my everyday life now!
I don’t know exactly how to explain it but I feel more alert, like ‘perked up’ and energised when I use it.
Unlike with other superfoods, I really notice that I feel better. My whole day is energised like I have been to the gym.
After a long day at work trying to find the energy to go through a gruelling workout is daunting, but now I can’t wait to get home and go.
The taste is fantastic, when it runs out breakfast isn’t the same. I actually get angry at my partner because she didn’t stock up.
The most dramatic thing was that I noticed a difference in my blood glucose levels, being a diabetic that’s great news. After two weeks I had to lower my insulin dosage by two units.
Really wrapped with Switch. I don’t think I could ever make another switch again. - Shane Stevens | VIC
As a regular international traveler, Switch is a critical part of my luggage. When on the run, with little time to eat or when food quality isn't assured, I use Switch as a reliable and robust dietary food. “I don't leave home without it. - Mark John | South Melbourne, VIC
I started using Switch pre pregnancy with my second child, it helped keep my body regular as well as giving me all the vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy pregnancy. I delivered a very healthy baby and recovered a lot quicker than my first pregnancy. I've continued to take Switch everyday. Unlike a lot of other supplements Switch is safe to take whilst breast feeding and I believe helped with my milk production. It's easy to take and makes me feel great. I'll never look back. - Hayley. B | Mornington, VIC
Switch is by far the best Tasting superfood I've ever used…
With my Busy lifestyle being in the retail industry, Switch gives me the energy I need throughout my Day to be at my best, I find myself only eating portioned meals and No more nibbling!
I Love the taste… - Amanda Kay | Eumemmerring, VIC
For over 14 years I have had major issues with my digestive system. Resulting in the use of prescription medication to give me some relief. Since starting using Switch daily 2 years ago, I have been able to stop using any prescription medication as well as getting my daily serve of vitamins and minerals all in one. Switch is an easy way to keeping my insides healthy while tasting great. - Hannah. S | Narre Warren, VIC