More info on Switch Superfoods

Switch is a complete daily substitute for your vitamin, mineral and omega-3 supplements; using it’s unique formula to deliver energy boosting, super digestive benefits with REAL FOOD!

Easily sprinkled over your cereal, yoghurt, fruit, in a smoothie or even simply added to a glass of water, juice or milk, Switch granules are consumed in 15g serves. For optimal results, adults should consume two serves a day, and children should consume one 15g serve.

Suitable for all ages, from children as young as five to the retired and elderly, Switch contains Chia, Spirulina, L-Glutamine, Multivitamins, Digestive Enzymes Bromelain and Lipase to break down fats and protein. Also, our Chia seeds come from the Kimberley region of Western Australia, where the best quality Chia is grown. Our Spirulina is the only Spirulina grown in Australia and is sourced among the crystal clear mineral waters of the Northern Territory.

Switch works by combining the highest quality natural ingredients in an easily digestible form, which, taken every day can ensure your body absorbs the nutrients contained in any foods you eat, let alone the REAL superfood encased in Switch itself.

A delicious energy boost taken daily to restore your digestive power and help you absorb the nutrition you need, Switch is not only ideal for everyday use by anyone experiencing low energy and/or digestive problems such as bloating, stomach cramps, constipation or loose bowels, but also helpful to those in various life stages / health circumstances:

  • Those suffering arthritic or Omega-3 deficiency related symptoms and require an effectively digested alternative to multi-vitamin and fish oil tablets (which sometimes contain an unknown quantity of binding agents and fillers).
  • Children who have an imbalanced food intake especially those who don’t like vegetables and/or protein.
  • Teenagers undergoing a rapid growth period.
  • Diabetics looking for a real food alternative to assist in stabilizing their blood sugar levels.
  • Pregnant mothers that require extra nutrients.
  • Seniors who have difficulty maintaining a reasonably healthy diet.
  • Athletes who require extra nutrients to maintain their energy levels and enhance muscle repair. In addition, Switch is effective at absorbing water keeping you hydrated for longer and helping you retain the electrolytes present in your body fluids.
  • Body builders and body sculptors seeking a natural metabolic booster to assist in gaining lean muscle mass.
  • People with busy and stressful lifestyles who don’t always have time to prepare meals that are substantive in nutrition.
  • Those undergoing rehabilitation and require high volumes of nutrients to assist recovery.
  • Vegetarians/vegans who require extra nutritional support.
  • Arthritis sufferers seeking anti-inflammatory agents that may alleviate some of their painful symptoms.
  • Those with Celiac disease that seek potent, gluten-free nutrients.

Please note, however that if you have serious allergies to seafood or seaweed, suffer hyperparathyroidism, or take blood thinning medication, you should carefully monitor your Switch intake with your healthcare professional.