Patrick’s Journey

My name is Patrick Naegeli, I am one of the owners of Switch and all my life I suffered from a sever case of what is commonly known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). My IBS was so severe in fact that I’d rush to the toilet for a bowel movement within 20 minutes of a meal. This pattern of eating and almost immediately afterwards having a bowel movement began as early as I can remember, and when at school I would go without eating all day until I got home (without plans to leave again that day).

Looking back, I realise this contributed to my overweight condition by forcing my body into ‘starvation mode’ and therein storing fat. This, despite the fact that I led an active lifestyle and played competitive basketball four times a week. My obesity continued into adulthood with doctors unable to help me despite running an exhaustive number of tests and trialling me on a multitude of different medications. I continued the ritual of only eating at the end of the day when I got home without plans to leave again that day.

I reached ‘peak obesity’ in 2009 and was so heavy in fact that I couldn’t weigh myself on regular scales. This was a wake up call. I began looking outside Western Medicine for help and started seeing acupuncturist and dieticians. At their suggestion, I began the Fodmap diet in May of 2009 combined with light physical activity (walking approximately 30 minutes daily). In February 2010 I weighed myself again. I still remember the reading – 157.9kg. I can only guess how much heavier I was when I started; probably around 170kg. However keeping up with my acupuncture appointments and following the Fodmap diet started taking its toll. I wasn’t feeling the results and despite the fact that I was told my health would improve, 6 months passed with marginal improvement no way out of the ritual of only eating with a toilet close by. Desperate for something that would make a real difference, I went back to Doctors who sent me to a specialist. The latter prescribed a pain medicine and something to stop my bowel movements so I could eat without having to rush to the toilet.

On my way to pick up the medicine from a pharmacy in a different area to where I normally go, I had a chance encounter that would change my life. The pharmacist recommended a product called Switch41 (as it was then called). He remarked that several of his customers had experienced fat loss as well as improved digestion. This was December 2010. I had a hard time, though, finding the product and resorted to contacting the research scientist who developed it. When I finally got my hands on it, I didn’t know what to expect, so for the first 7 days I started on half the recommended serving. Regardless, I spent an inordinate amount of time on the toilet clearing my bowels. I was distraught thinking I would suffer with IBS for the rest of my life. I now realise that I was simply clearing out a lot of toxins. I called the research scientist and he said not to change my routine. He roughly remarked “everyone reacts differently we have seen this happen before please stick to it”. After a week I tried a full serving, and continued this way for several more days until I experienced something that, up until that point, I thought I’d never experience in my life; eating without rushing to the toilet for a bowel movement. I was shocked and amazed. Even the pain and cramps were gone, no more discomfort!

Three weeks went by and I kept taking the product and felt great. I also started eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of one large meal before going to bed. It was as if Switch transformed my body into a normal functioning model rather than a defective IBS wreck!

I weighed myself exactly one month after taking Switch41 and the reading was 153.3kg. That was February 2011.

In the early stages of the product’s sale and distribution, quantity was hard to come by. I contacted a sales rep who finally met with me, and we discussed reselling Switch41 as I had come to know many others suffering IBS – this is where it all began (I would eventually negotiate to purchase the formula and get the sole rights to Switch)

Six months went by and I had lost over 30kg without changing anything except the frequency of my meals, which I increased so as to allow my body to absorb all the nutrients that I could now digest properly.
Another 6 months went by and I couldn’t understand why such an amazing product wasn’t available in sufficient retail quantities. That’s when I began to see the future. I had a vision to make this product a household name for anyone wanting to live a healthier life. This was in March 2012 at which point I weighed 100kg and felt amazing. I had a lot of loose skin and none of my clothes fit anymore. It was then that I started talking to Rob (now my business partner) about building lean muscle mass. Rob has been a bodybuilder all his life and suggested I join a gym. At first I didn’t have the confidence but Rob wrote me a program and I came to realise the digestive and nutrient assistance provided by Switch would help me see it through. Fast forward to July 2014 and I weigh 120kg with all the weight gained ‘lean muscle’. I thank Rob for the latter stage of my development but I also have to thank Switch. There’s no way would I have had the energy or stamina to go to the gym when I had my severe IBS.

Following my purchase of the first stage formula in 2013, I asked Rob to join me in turning my vision into a realty. Together we went about improving the old formula, and with the assistance of our development team of specialized nutritionists, naturopaths, food scientists and biochemists, we came up with the product that is Switch today.

Switch has changed my life for the better but please don’t take my word for it. Try the product and follow the consumption guidelines for at least a month and see the benefits for yourself.

My Weight Change summary:
2009 May 170kg Approximately
2010 February 157.9kg
2011 February 153.3kg 1 month after taking Switch
2011 August 120kg approximately
2012 March 100kg
2012 May 95kg
2014 July 120kg (+25kg from going to the gym)
2015 July 120kg (maintained weight)

2009 150kg+


2012 95-100kg